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Christine Leadman

Executive Director

Christine Leadman holds a strong portfolio of experience in the fields of event management, municipal government and main street promotions. Currently, as the Executive Director of the Bank Street BIA she is committed to revitalizing the Bank Street area and developing strong community ties to enhance the experience for residents and businesses alike.

Why do you love Bank Street?

“Bank Street is more not only a business area, but it’s also a community. Downtown has its own personality and I love that.”


SabriNa C.Lemay

Assistant Director



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Holly Stille

Communications Director

Board of Management

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Eric Mehmet

Eric is the current treasurer of the Bank Street BIA Board of Management and the General Manager at STAPLES Canada (403 Bank Street). 

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Rob Spitall

Rob Spittall has been a business owner for 16 years on Bank Street, selling comics, toys, and games.  He takes pride in supporting the community that has supported him over the years.  Rob has had 27 years of retail experience and has been part of over 150 conventions as a vendor and dealer.   

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Councillor Catherine McKenney 

Catherine was elected to Ottawa City Council on October 27, 2014. She is Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee, sits on the Environment Committee and the Built Heritage Sub-Committee and is a member of the following boards: Ottawa Board of Health, Ottawa Public Library Board and Ottawa Community Housing Board.


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Jonathan Hatchell

Jonathan Hatchell is the Chief Executive Officer at the Royal Oak Pub Group.  He has been involved in the community and the city since arriving in Canada in 1986. The first Royal Oak opened at 318 Bank St, and now the Royal Oak Pub Group has 14 pubs with two on Bank Street. Jonathan has been in the hospitality business since arriving in Ottawa and took over running the Royal Oak Pub Group in 2004.  In the past, here in Canada he has worked with McDonalds Restaurants and Labatt Brewery.