New Kids On The Block!

Help us welcome these new businesses to Downtown Bank! Check out their details below and stop in today. 

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Paradise Poke (134 Bank Street)

Poké (rhymes with okay) is a traditional Hawaiian dish of fresh marinated tuna served with sesame, soy sauce and a bunch of other tasty fixins (it can also be made with chicken, tofu or salmon, if that's more your thing). Stop in and try something new!

Readi Set Go (136 Bank Street)

Readi Set Go has all the gear you need — whether you’re travelling across the country, across town, or just down the street to the park. Readi Set Go provides high quality and fashionable accessories to keep your style on the go. They have Ottawa’s largest selection of lunch gear with eco-friendly alternatives. Step up that brown bag lunch with Bento Boxes, Insulated Food Jars, and Re-useable Snack Bags that provide affordable convenience.  Whether it’s the daily commute or a weeklong voyage you’re sure to find the perfect on the go items.


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Starbucks Cafe (259 Bank Street)

Looking for a new study spot or a place to catch up on emails? Check out the newest Starbucks location at the corner of Bank Street and Cooper. They have an amazing selection of beverages and a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere with tons of space to meet with friends and collegeues.