#CanadaDay on Bank Street!


The best holiday in the best country (just our opinion!) begins this weekend - Canada Day!

Here on Bank Street, there are tons of places to help you, your friends, and your whole family get ready, not only for Canada’s 151st birthday but also to beat the heat, no matter what your interest are and plans are for July 1st. 

Decorate yourself!

Dollar It -  297 Bank Street

Dollar It - 297 Bank Street

Let’s start with the basics. Everyone knows that you can’t truly celebrate Canada Day unless you are decked out in red and white, and maple-leaf-everything. Located at
297 Bank Street is a store that has it all, at a very reasonable price - Dollar It! Dollar It has all our Canada Day needs, from sunglasses to temporary tats, umbrella hats to water bottles (to help you bare the heat)! I definitely recommend a quick pit stop at Dollar It today or tomorrow as they are open on Canada Day if you forget anything!




Stay Cool


Another thing to consider, especially since they’re saying that Canada Day this year is going to be record-breaking hot, is to stay hydrated and protected from the sun. Make sure to drink LOTS of water! If you have a reusable water bottle, the City of Ottawa has made sure to have several refill stations downtown near Parliament, just down Bank Street and on Wellington Street. But when it comes staying protected from the sun, remember to rock your white and red Canada Day shirt and NOT your black and red one, use an umbrella to get out of the sun, and invest in some sun-protectant that keeps you feeling cool!

Planet Botanix -  301 Bank Street

Planet Botanix - 301 Bank Street

On a walk today down Bank, I stopped at Planet Botanix on 301 Bank Street, and learned about these 3 really cool products. A Walk In The Woods (left) is an all-natural bug repellant that works on both humans and pets, the Instant Karma Spritzer (right) helps to refresh, cleanse and purify the environment, and most importantly, Sol (centre), is another all natural light sun repellant that feels cool, refreshing and not sticky! All of these products are made from essential oils and are good for, if not all, then most skin types (and they’re only about $15 each!). So if you in and around Bank Street today or on Canada Day, I definitely recommend stopping in at Planet Botanix too, also open on Sunday! (Also, the whole store smells amazing!)



What about our furry friends?

Healthy Pets HQ - 420 Bank Street

Healthy Pets HQ - 420 Bank Street

I also stopped in today and spoke to some of the experts at Healthy Pets HQ (420 Bank Street). I asked them about what pet owners should do if they want to bring their dog out to Ottawa’s Canada Day festivities in this heat. They recommend this product, the Ice Vest, that can help to keep your dog cool! They also have a ton more products for weather like this. We can’t forget about keeping our pups cool too!







Capture it!

Henry's  - 267 Bank Street

Henry's - 267 Bank Street

There are also a number of other fun products that you can pick up in preparation of Canada Day! Polaroid Originals™ are sold at both Henry's (267 Bank Street) and Staples (403 Bank Street) and definitely a summer 2018 must-have, especially just in time for Canada Day! These vintage style polaroid cameras are priced at around only $130 and can really help capture all of your favourite summer moments!

There’s also a lot of cool tech available at Staples such as portable speakers and phone chargers! So be sure to check it out!


Okay, now let’s talk about what’s really important: Food! If your going to be downtown on Canada Day why not take a walk down one of Ottawa’s best and growing areas, Bank Street and grab some snacks to go or sit down and enjoy a nice meal with your fellow Canadians! From bakeraries to bars, Bank Street has you covered! Pick up a casual lunch and a cold drink at Gabriel's Pizza, or head down the James Street Pub for a misty patio to cool down!

Golden Baguette Bakery - 242 Bank Street

Golden Baguette Bakery - 242 Bank Street

There are also bakeries and smoothie bars all up and down Bank Street that you can top by that are operating in their regular hours! Shops like the Golden Baguette Bakery (242 Bank Street) and Magic Molecule (217 Bank Street) are a great place to stop for a snack, cool down and grab some cool drinks!

Last but not least, there is an ADORABLE little ice cream shop located a bit further down Bank Street that make all its unique ice cream flavours in-house and has even come up with 4 Canada Day themed flavours which were released today! The shop is called Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen and is located at 477 Bank Street, Their ice cream is AMAZING and is a great way to cool down in this hot summer heat!