Featuring...Images on Bank!

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Today, Downtown Bank Street is featuring Images On Bank (147 Bank Street). This framing and art shop has been a part of Downtown Bank for over 29 years, and it may surprise you to learn that they have some a number of large-commission corporate clients, and have worked on unique projects!

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Images on Bank is owned by Jean Martin, who says that "over the 29 years that I have been on Bank Street I have seen many changes, many stores come and go.  One constant is that we are surrounded by many buildings that are occupied by people who are keen to get out and explore what the street has to offer".

Importantly, Images on Bank has innovated, and as Jean added "we have made a conscious effort to always change and keep up with the times.  The store has changed immensely over the past 3 decades, as well as my hair.  The mullet is definitely gone as is the carpet and the old counters". We really hope to get some of those mullet photos, Jean! 

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Lindsay from Images on Bank sent us a list of some of their major clients, which includes; the Bank of Canada (including bank notes presented to Prime Ministers Trudeau and Harper, the Governor General and the Queen of England), the Canadian Museum of Nature (multiple photography exhibits), the Canadian Coast Guard (including a flag flown at the North Pole presented to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau), the Assembly of First Nations, Many embassies and high commissions (including the American Embassy, the Embassy of Cameroon, the Bahamas High Commision and the New Zealand High Commission), Conservative Party of Canada, the Canadian Media Producers Association and many other government departments (including Fisheries and Oceans, Privy Council, Treasury Board, Veterans Affairs, National Defense, Canadian Border Services Agency). 

We asked Lindsay to share the story of her favourite framing project; a piece of prehistoric wood that was dated at  65 and 95 million years old! 

"By far the coolest thing I've ever framed, this piece of wood was found deep in a mine in Newfoundland by paleoclimatologists," Lindsay said.

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She added, "different from petrified wood, which has turned to stone, this is just a really, really old piece of preserved wood and, as a natural history nerd, I kept imagining what kinds of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures may have come into contact with this amazing bit of history.  Clients bring in such interesting, creative and beautiful projects and it's a real pleasure to bring them to life". 

With a long history in Ottawa and with their great, knowledgeable staff, it is no wonder that Images on Bank continues to provide first-rate customer service and high-quality workmanship. Even if you aren't framing your image for the Queen, Images on Bank is the perfect place to go, and the staff at Images On Bank will help you choose the ideal design to best showcase your image. As Jean said, "we are quite pleased to be located in the heart of the city and 3 blocks from  Canada’s  Parliament. As we keep moving into the new era, we look forward to serving and becoming Ottawa’s premier Framing Store". 


Visit them today at 147 Bank Street in Ottawa! Don't forget - Downtown Bank between Wellington - Catherine has FREE parking on evenings and weekends!