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The Village Legacy Project - In the News!


The Village Legacy Project - In the News!

The Village Legacy Project looks at the Village and the history of the local LGBTTQ+ community over time. Drawing from a number of archival sources, including interviews with over 35 activists and leaders, The Village Legacy Project takes an insightful, poignant look at Bank Street's LGBTTQ+ history, and includes an interactive website and mobile app with short documentaries (

Check out the articles below for feature interviews, and a sneak-peak in to the beautiful archival images included in the project: 



Village people: Take a tour of Ottawa's LGBTTQ+ past

Interview with Glenn Crawford on The Village Legacy Project and the historical significance of the Bank Street area

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Walking Through the History of Ottawa's Gay Village 

A look at The Village Legacy Project app, with remarks from Bank Street B.I.A Executive Director Christine Leadman and Glenn Crawford 

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From the legal rights campaigns to pick-up hot spots

CBC Ottawa All In A Day interview with Glenn Crawford on the history of the Village on Bank



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