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10 Ottawa Pride Parade 2017 Must-Haves!

The Ottawa Pride Parade is just a few days away - so it's time to start thinking about getting everything you need to make the most of it.

Here are our 10 favourites inspired by's list of Pride Parade Must-Haves.

Check out the stores we recommend on #DowntownBank! 

1. Your friends!
When it comes to marching in the Pride Parade, the more = the merrier! Surrounding yourself with an accepting group of BFFs is ESSENTIAL!


2. Sunscreen
While we've have a rainy summer so far in Ottawa, that doesn't mean you should take your chances and skip the sun screen. Grab a bottle at one of the shops on Bank Street and prevent peeling! We recommend: Herb & Spice Wellness Shop (380 Bank Street) for an all natural alternative. 

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3. Patience
With crowds, comes waiting. Luckily, there's going to be lots to do in the area before, during and after the Parade. Why not grab a bite to eat at one of the amazing stops along Bank Street with your BFFs to help pass the time?  We recommend: Eggspectation (171 Bank Street), and Wilf & Ada's (510 Bank Street)

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4. Cash
Make sure you don't need to make any last minute day-of ATM stops by brining cash with you! That way when you find the perfect item at the Community Fair after the Parade, you can pick it up.

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5. A Pride flag
This item may seem completely obvious, but we just wanted to remind you to bring a flag - any size will do! Check out Dollar It at 297 Bank St, for Pride flags and even more awesome accessories. 

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6. A colourful outfit (we recommend anything with Hot Pants!) 
No such thing as a dress code at Pride. With the theme of this year being "Just Be" we encourage you to Just Be: colorful, be scandalous, be conservative...Be whatever you want.

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7. An open mind
Remember that LGBT encompasses a wide variety of genders, sexualities, races, and walks of life — not just your own.

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8. Water
While the drink selection at the bar will be amazing, don't skip the H2O. Stay hydrated! In need of a cute water bottle for the occasion? Stop in at our newest fave accessory stop: Readi Set Go at 793 Bank St. 

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9. A cute AF sign
Ask for hugs or make a statement. Either way, you’re standing up for LOVE. In need of supplies to make the magic happen? Staples at 403 Bank Street and Wallack's Art Supplies at 231 Bank St have everything you'll need. 



10. And last but not least...BRING YOUR PRIDE
Feel proud of who and what you are, and what everyone in the LGBTQ2 community has accomplished!

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